Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid, White, 32 Ounces, (Pack of 1)


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Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid is a flexible, rubberized coating that seals out water, air and moisture. Before applying, stir contents for 30 seconds until it is thoroughly mixed. It can be applied by brush, roll, trowel, dip or pouring. Ensure the surface is completely covered. Once applied, the self leveling formula smoothly covers small gaps and cracks ensuring a watertight seal. When dried, Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Liquid is paintable and temperature/UV resistant resulting in lasting repairs! Not for continuous submersion or below-waterline use.

GREAT FOR: Metal, Concrete, Wood, Aluminum, Brick, Tile, Fabric, Rubber**, Glass and More!
*For exterior use only. Not intended for inside of firebox or chimney stack.
**May not work for all types of plastics and rubbers

DIRECTIONS: 1) Clean surface of dirt, dust, grease and oil. Make sure surface is dried completely. 2) Stir contents for 30 seconds until it is thoroughly mixed. 3) Apply to surface by brush, roll, trowel, dip or pour. Ensure surface is completely covered. 4) Apply multiple coats to ensure all cracks and holes have been filled. Allow to cure in between coats and before water exposure. Full cure at 24-48 hours.

NOTE: Test finished project with light water exposure to ensure all cracks have been filled. If test fails, apply additional coats. Do not use for gaps larger than 1/4″. Apply between 50F and 120F

CLEAN UP: Wipe up any unwanted material with a dry cloth or paper towel immediately. Use mineral spirits to clean applicators such as brushes and rollers.

STORAGE: Remove excess product from top of can with a dry cloth. Press or lightly tap lid shut to create tight seal.

PAINTING: Works with both latex and oil based paints. When coating with oil based paints, use a primer first before painting