Lay’s Potato Chips , American Style Cream & Onion Flavour, Crunchy Chips & Snacks , 104g / 115g (Weight May Vary)


Product description

Add some hearty flavour to your day with Lay’s American Style Cream and Onion!

These chips are seasoned to perfection with a rich blend of cream, onions, and fresh herbs. Savor this exciting mix and experience flavours that will surely make you come back for more! Made from only the highest quality farm-grown potatoes, Lay’s Chips has always kept the highest standard of excellence, and with mouth-watering cream and onion flavours, the experience can only be accentuated.

Lay’s American Style Cream and Onion can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime for a well needed kick of flavour. From the quick snack breaks at work, to the impromptu get-togethers, this snack is perfect to binge on.

Key benefits:

  • American Style Cream & Onion flavour
  • Cooked to crispy perfection
  • Versatile snack enjoyed in any setting
  • 100% vegetarian