Pepsi Max Zero Sugar Cola Soft Drink, 30 x 375ml


Product description

Product Description

With Max Taste and No Sugar, Pepsi Max is the low-calorie and sugar-free version of our classic Pepsi cola soft drink. Boldly Refreshing. Pepsi Max No Sugar Soft drink offers a bold cola taste with no sugar. The smooth taste of Pepsi Max offers a deliciously refreshing and thirst-quenching cola refreshment that can be enjoyed anytime. Pepsi Max No Sugar, has….no sugar. It’s as simple as that with no taste compromise. It is low in calories vs full sugar colas and in case you are wondering, it also has a bold cola taste that’s comparable with full sugar cola products. The 30 x Pepsi Max can pack is an ideal pack for enjoying at home and sharing with family or friends. Pepsi Max soft drink is available in a range of other take-home pack sizes such as; mini cans for portion control and multi-serve bottles to suit all your cola drinking occasions. For maximum enjoyment, drink chilled when you are looking for that fun, tasty, no sugar cola refreshment! Pepsi Max. Max Taste, No Sugar. Bold Taste with No Sugar Low in Calories On-the-Go Serve Max Cola Refreshment View less Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients

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Asahi Lifestyle Beverages